Steem IT is a social network, just like facebook and twitter, however, Steem IT runs on Blockchain technology, and pays “you”, the content creator.

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The official STEEM IT website logo

To become a member of STEEM IT, and create an account, it is recommended to pay a small fee in Ethereum through blocktrades, as the manual verification process of FREE ACCOUNTS can take ages.

This small fee is nothing more then a few $, and will also give you some STEEM POWER in return. The more STEEM POWER you have, the more posts, comments and follows you can make. Once the limit is reached, it simply prevents you from doing anything (comment, post, follow). This limit will be removed, once your STEEM POWER has filled up again. To do this, simply wait some hours before you try to do something on STEEM IT. This prevents SPAM.

STEEM POWER also determines how valuable your comments are. Having a lot of STEEM POWER, will result in gaining interest of the STEEM IT community, as your upvotes are worth more. In the picture down here, you can see my own account, which is valued at only $100.

A click view in my STEEM IT wallet

When I upvote a post with this ammount of STEEM POWER, the post will earn some $. The more upvotes you do in a day, the less $ your upvoted will give. You can also earn $ by commenting on people their posts. If your comment is good, other people will upvote your comments and your comment will earn you $ too!

These $ the post earns, are being earned by the creator of the post. You can track your Power bar on the website

So having many friends and followers on STEEM IT, combined with a nice ammount of STEEM POWER, will do great things to your daily earnings on STEEM IT.

STEEM IT is the social network that pays you for the content you create

You basicly earn STEEM on STEEM IT. Steem is a tradeable token, which can be exchanged for Bitcoin on the STEEM IT website it self, or simply send it to one of the major exchanges like Binance, to trade it for Bitcoin or Ethereum!

Once you are a member on STEEM IT, don’t forget to follow my 2 accounts there, and leave a comment, so we can connect!

Ambr.Global on STEEM IT
Johan van Caem on STEEM IT