Personal Lead Capture Pages, $25

To order your personal Lead Capture Page, kindly complete the payment at the bottom of this page, and contact me 🙂

All lead capture pages purchased include a free URL, so you will never have any additional costs for keeping the lead capture page online. The URL you will get looks like:

Building an e-mail list, is vital in the online world of marketing. Being able to send an offer to a large ammount of interested people will do miracles for your business.

Autoresponder software can be expensive, and not everyone will be able to manage that software correctly. In case you have an autoresponder yourself, we can integrate your autoresponder e-mail form inside our lead capture page.

Electroneum's Mining App lead capture page
This high converting lead capture page has been used to generate thousands of leads for the Electroneum Cryptocurrency Mining app for the smartphone.

For the people that do not have an autoresponder, we have created a custom e-mail capture script, that sends the information in the form to your e-mail address. That means you can gather an unlimited ammount of e-mail addresses without needing to have additional software.

A Lead Capture page used to generate leads for a company that uses trading robots based on artificial intelligence. See it in action here:
An example of a lead capture page we made for a customer from the Bahama’s, it runs on a custom lead capture script, see it in action here:
Lead Capture Page for a company called, see it in action here:

To order your personal lead capture page, kindly pay $25 with PayPal or Crypto, and contact me on facebook or by e-mail to discus about what kind of Lead Capture Page you want:

Don’t forget, customer satisfaction guaranteed!

If you have any questions, feel free to fill in the form below, and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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