Facebook is the 4th most visited website in the world as we speak. Hundreds of millions of people a day browse facebook and make use of facebook groups. With years of experience administrating those facebook groups, I have build a large ammount of quality facebook groups, focused on the online marketing and cryptocurrency niche. Those groups are now for sale, simply because I don’t have time to administrate them all.

You can now purchase your very own facebook group. All the groups for sale are listed in the document below:

Once you have purchased a facebook group from me, you will become the only administrator, and I will remove my admin rights from the group, and I will become a normal member.

The benefits of your own facebook group:
– Make announcements that will notify al members
– Tag up to 300 new members in a message (only admin can do this easily)
– Gain huge exposure on facebook
– Top banner / Pinned message advertisement
– An unlimited flow of leads, sales and referrals
– New member requests daily (up to 2000 a day on the larger groups)
– Change the name of the group every 28 days

Facebook Groups
Approving members in a group is a daily or even hourly must. Fast approval leads to a fast growth of the group. You want 1000’s of new people everyday to take a look at what you have to offer, while being an administrator that all is possible 🙂

To purchase 1 or more groups, fill in the form below ,add me on facebook and send me a message. Just be sure to clearly say in the message that you are interested in buying a facebook group.

I will contact you as soon as possible!