Binance is one of the largest and most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Here you can trade multiple cryptocurrencies with several pairs like BTC, ETH, BNB, USD and XRP.

Binance offers an advanced trading interface

Binance has a large user database, and a high daily trading volume. Because Binance gives 40% commission on trading fee’s, people invite their friends to join Binance, and start to trade cryptocurrency.

Besides all those fantastic numbers, they have their very own cryptocurrency coin, called “Binance Coin (BNB)”, which is currently ranked 13th on the coinmarketcap website. This coin is mainly used to cover the trading fee’s on the platform itself, but is often seen as a safe investment, as the price fluctuates not so heavily as other coins.

If you are going to trade cryptocurrency anywhere, I strongly recommend to trade at binance. Their security is high, withdrawals are fast, they even reward certain coins for certain coins you HODL (like NeoGas for holding NEO).

Creating an account at is completely free, and doesn’t require a KYC procedure in order to start trading, or withdrawing funds.

Binance organises exciting conferences and competitions

Binance also has an app for the smartphone, which can “ONLY” be download from the official Binance website. With this application you can do all the things you can do from the computer, so do not worry to miss a trade while you are not at home.

The Official Binance Smartphone App